About WN95HL

WN95HL is a Franchise League!

  • 5 min Periods.

  • 1 min Penalties.

  • 15 second Penalty shots.

  • No Offsides / No Ling Changes.

  • Manual Goalie.

  • All Teams draft 12 players - 6F, 4D, 2G from the NHL95 rosters.

  • Your team will change from year to year where players will progress/regress throughout their careers through NHL96 ratings through to NHL21 and beyond.

    • Example - Eric Lindros is currently an 84 OVR, however, after season 1; he increases to a 104 OVR (his NHL96 rating). This will continue until he retires, and the team will replace him with a rookie/free agent or trade.

  • Each team has 3 draft picks at the end of each season, that can be traded, picked or used as a BOOST to 1 player/pick attribute. Unless your an expansion team (12 picks)

    • Example of TRADE - Team A trades 1st Rd pick to Team B for PLAYER X

    • Example of DRAFT - Team A drafts PLAYER X

    • Example of BOOST - Team A selects PLAYER X on their team to increase his SHOT POWER by +1 for the upcoming season only. Draft Pick used for BOOST

  • NO in-season trades, but go crazy in the off-season.

  • ANY team that doesn't complete their games or leaves the league...each game will be set as a FORFEIT of 2-1. The team rewarded with the victory will choose the GOAL SCORER, PRIMARY ASSIST for each goal and GOALIE to AWARD WIN and 10 shots to each team will be applied

  • League will have an All-Star Game (+ROM) where the 4 semi-finalists will play a 2v2 10min period game. There will also be a Skills Competition of 5min Practice mode of how many goals you can score, and also how many saves you can make manually in practice mode (These will be head-to-head).

  • NEW TEAMS provide their team NAME, Nickname, jersey colors, Arena name and Logo(s). In addition, they will be provided with 12 draft picks to fill out their team, or use some of those picks for available Free Agents/Released/Unprotected Players or from Disbanded Teams.

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